CGS CO2X - 600x470

Merlin CO2 TFT Monitor

Warehouse Air Quality Control

Product Description

The Merlin CO2 TFT is designed to monitor carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air, local temperature and is used to provide a safe working environment in areas such as warehouses & depots.

This monitor has a digital traffic light style display indicating the carbon dioxide levels and temperature in the area. When CO2 gas or temperature reaches alarm state – this device is able to automatically drive ventilation fans reducing CO2 and temperature.

• CO2 measured and displayed in parts per million (ppm).
• Temperature can be displayed in degrees Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F).
• 0-10V Signal Output progress bar display.
• Monitor, record and display average CO2 concentration over 8 hour periods.
• User friendly settings menu.
• Pre-alarm and alarm relay output.
• Fan controller enabled relay output.
• Dual power 110-240V AC or 24V AC.
• End of Life and Fault notifications for CO2 sensing element.
• Automatically switch between ventilation programs when gas is used.
• Boost, Mute and Wake Up button.

• Height – 5.5inch
• Width – 3.74inch
• Depth – 1.18inch